Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aggrandized Oatmeal

On those Saturday mornings when my insistent desire to have something different from the daily granola clashes with my fatigue or laziness, I fall back on a little something I call Aggrandized Oatmeal.

Cook up rolled oats the usual way.  Nothing interesting happening yet.

Top with fruit (chopped apple or pear, sliced bananas, fresh berries in summer, dried fruits in winter) and toasted nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds, whatever you have on hand).  Anoint with real maple syrup or honey.  Suddenly the ecru porridge is crunchy and sweet and very intriguing.  Grand, even.  And the whole lively bowl only takes about ten minutes. No recipe necessary.

Afterward I can go back to the couch or stare at the sky and forget the laundry for a while longer, feeling virtuous about breakfast at least.

Luxury and virtue.  A delightful combination for a weekend morning. 

1 comment:

Dave Flora said...

I've been eating virtue in the morning?? Figures....;)