Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And It Only Took a Year

The supplies I bought last week became, over the weekend, another project done.  Yay!

Dave had noticed at some point that we had thirteen steps in our stair.  The man loves all things classically spooky, so he had the idea to highlight that fact by numbering the risers.  Originally we thought they would be done with paint.  Then I saw a magazine picture of the same idea executed with nail-up house numbers.  Brilliant!  Way less work and still quite affordable:  the whole passel of numbers set us back less than 24 dollars.

Installing them took about half an hour--of Dave's labor, let's be clear.  Because he can do mathematical centering and it involved tools.  It's a man thing.  I do the estimating and shopping.  We both use our best skills that way, and everybody wins.

I absolutely love it when something new happens on our house!  I want a prettified home like I want food.  In order to feed that part of me more regularly, I've decided to identify, each Sunday during quiet, relaxed thinking time, a step I can take in the coming week to move a project along.  I'm trying to prevent the aforementioned lag time between idea and execution, because execution brings the satisfaction.  This particular idea arose over a year ago, if we even remember now.  Definitely room for improvement.

Only eight months elapsed between my curtain tieback inspiration and whipping them out, which took all of twenty minutes, but there's still a seriously skewed ratio there, too.  I want to shift it toward enjoyment and satisfaction instead!

I've waited and worked a long time to feel like doing, so I celebrate every short equation, every home improvement, every task checked off a lingering list. I celebrate even when I can't feel the celebration.  It's my own kind of spiritual defiance sometimes. 

Also, I can't always control how I feel, but I can choose what to believe.  And I believe that those letters are a fun addition to the barn.  That will do for now.

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