Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to Save a Night--and a Mind

Sometimes I'm actually free to listen to what poet Mary Oliver calls "the soft animal of (the) body" without conflict.  Last evening was one of those times.

One the way home from work, Dave and I both were quite sleepy. Once we arrived back at the barn, that soft animal of mine did not want to cook supper, which she usually loves to do.  She wanted to order a pizza, eat it with champagne and a side of  healthy, conveniently-leftover broccoli slaw, and go to bed early.

So that's what we did. And it was wonderful. Candle light, thin crust, bubbles, and relaxation in our good pajamas--all those pleasures turned our dragging night into a micro-vacation.  Holy "Life is Beautiful," Bat Man!

In years past, I would have pushed through.  I would have made dinner anyway, ostensibly because it's healthier (which it is), but also because I was afraid to not meet certain standards for myself. I feared that letting go and doing what I wanted to do was the ticket to becoming a convenience-food-warming loser.

Thank goodness I've finally learned that occasionally one needs to let down and let go of everything for just a bit, after which everything is better. And whatever you were worried about getting done, gets done, and more happily at that.  Like writing this post.  So there.  Gentle wisdom at last.

That soft animal is a pretty good old girl.  Thank goodness I know that now, too.  It makes life finer indeed. And a lot more fun!

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