Friday, December 10, 2010

Joy to My World

Decorating for the Christmas holiday has become one of my favorite activities of the season. With more time available this year, I've spent parts of two days, in addition to the monumental tree raising, prettying up our little barn, adding small touches to delight the eye.

Like a dining table centerpiece
and red boxes (picked up on clearance after Christmas last year)
stacked in a corner of the dining room

Align Centerand by an old spindle that was a housewarming gift from David's aunt.
The smallest one sits on our end table in the sitting area
with a little bear for company.

I decorated a miniature tree (really a bouquet of branches) for our bedroom
and hung a greenery-and-bow-garnished antique sled from the farm outside,
both of which are new levels of holiday nest fluffing for me.

A snowman and a rusty metal bell snug up to a winter arrangement of dried thistles and bittersweet berries on the wicker side table in the dining room,
and more rusty metal decorations hang on the front door.
As a bonus, both of these can stay to bring me joy all winter.

I even tucked cedar sprigs in my bottle collection on the kitchen window sill, in a candle holder on the coffee table, and in a tin on top of the microwave.

Now most of the places I see as I go about my day are graced with some touch of seasonal decor that sparks a smile.

That's pretty fine, considering that I spent almost nothing. The tree and greenery were free from the farm (lucky us). Extra lights for the enormo-tree and a few other supplies totaled only about $22.00. All the more money for gifts, my friends.

I may not be done. This morning, I thought of another idea for outside, involving the top of my extra free tree and the remaining cheap-o bows I picked up at WalMart. I am unsupervised, you know.

Maybe next year I'll think of ways to bring a touch of Christmas to the bathrooms even, or hang pretties from the chandelier. It could happen. I own floral wire and cutters now. I'm ready for anything.

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