Monday, October 4, 2010

Bad Days, Schmad Days

Sometime last week, I began a whiny post about a bad day--or rather, a day full of bad happenings. The funny thing is that, had I not written down the alleged failures and tried to take accompanying photos, I would not today remember them. Here's the original list of woes.

I paid $24.00 too much for a bad hair cut and color job. Now I have two-tone hair and winging bangs. Hat city.

Bad hair! Bad, bad expensive hair!

I forgot to put the yeast in my bread. I didn't notice until I was kneading it. I tried kneading it in, but that didn't work.

Moment of silence for the dead dough.

I made fresh tomato soup because it sounded good and I had tomatoes to use up. Neither of us really liked it very well.

Sunny disappointment in a bowl.

The oil light came on in the car. The dipstick says the oil isn't low. Go figure. But please don't let it be something else to fix.

No photo of my dash. Beyond my current photographic limits.

Those four bummers seemed huge and depressing that day. Here's how things really turned out.
  • My hair is...passable, with no winging bangs after all--so far.
  • I've since learned a trick for working the yeast in when you forget it--from a well known flour company's test kitchen boo-boo repair post. (And yesss! Photographic evidence that everyone really does make mistakes!)
  • So we don't like tomato soup. Big deal. I enjoyed making it.
  • The oil light didn't come on the next time I was in the car. I can go on ignoring that quirk just a little longer.
Which brings me to my next point, kids. Don't smoke.... No, that's not it. (Name that movie!)

Oh, yes. The moral of my story is: Today's bad day is tomorrow's distant memory.

Thankfully, I did have that hard-won wisdom on the ostensibly bad day. It kept me from unnecessary self pity and anger. I keep hoping that one of these fine and good days, I'll believe that fact down to my bones and never be troubled again.

OK, so that's a little unrealistic. At least, I'll know under the annoyance and irritation that, in the words of Saint Therese of Lisieux, "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well."


And that's enough for now.

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Dave_Flora said...

Ah, yes...the tomato soup. I think I prefer my tomato soup to be made mostly of bacon. :)
Great post!