Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Reason to Rejoice #4

Curbside recycling pickup.

It seems a funny cause for rejoicing, but what a gift! It makes being virtuous so easy.

In the town where we previously resided, we had to both sort and drop off our recyclables. Since it's probably genetically impossible for me not to organize anything that I have to keep, the sorting requirement meant that I had to acquire and have space for multiple containers for the various categories of recyclables. The dropping off requirement meant that I had to find time to go down to the center and drop the recyclables into the appropriate doors, which were located outside. Not so convenient when it's cold, hot, or wet. At least they had a roof over the drop off area. And I didn't really mind. I figured that having a recycling center at all was an accomplishment for a small town.

Then we moved here. I was surprised and delighted to find that not only did they offer curbside recycling pickup, but they also furnished the container, customized with our address, for free and did not require sorting. Who wouldn't recycle when it's this easy?

Bless my small town for letting me be virtuous and lazy at the same time!

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